‘Balance’ Deconstructs Your Standard Deck Of Playing Cards

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Borderless cards with abstract illustrations made up of shapes balancing against each other for a modern deck design.

From Art of Play:

"Balance evolved from the deconstruction of a standard deck of cards. Their minimal design explores the interplay of tradition and style, weighing that which is familiar with a contemporary aesthetic.

Produced in collaboration with SDCO Partners, the same team that created our Lucky Draw playing cards.

Sustainably-produced using FSC certified paper and vegetable-based inks on our trademark stock and finish. Suitable for all games requiring a standard deck."

Balance is a fully custom playing card deck design created in collaboration with Art of Play.

The minimal design inspired by the equilibrium between interacting elements.

The deck features a simplistic borderless back design, face cards, and matching jokers.

The deck is packaged inside a premium foil-stamped and embossed tuck box."