Five Instagram Accounts That Encapsulate Summer Vibes

Posted inIllustration Design

There’s a sense of comfort that accompanies the transition into the sticky, sweet summer months. The warmer half of the year provides a welcome dose of cheer and an inexplicable sense of contentment. To celebrate, we’re sharing five Instagram accounts that use lively colors and whimsical patterns to encapsulate the spontaneity of summer. While each artist is unique, they share an easy, breezy approach that’s perfect for anyone in need of aesthetic sunshine.

Cakes 4 Sport | @cakes4sport

You haven’t really seen cakes or sculptures until you’ve seen Alli Gelles’ Instagram account cakes4sport. She uses both permanent and perishable sculptures to explore themes of consumption, escapism, negligence, and overindulgence. Gelles swirls a sense of wonder into this strong concepts to create delightful cakes with the power to stop you in your tracks. Thanks to her thoughtful execution and clear wit, she’s able to turn an ordinary cake into a conversation piece.

Matthew Palladino | @palladingdong

Artist Matthew Palladino uses his Instagram account to explores themes of both human body and technology. As you glance through Palladino’s feed, you’ll find an eclectic, wild mix of artistic approaches, from collage-inspired pieces to watercolor works. His innovative, diverse works blend painting and sculpting to transfer mundane objects into clever new spaces.

Benjamin Lederach Styer | @ben_styer

If I were to describe Styer’s work in two words, it would be futuristic folk. This Boston painter balances timeless charisma with a forward-thinking inventiveness that sets his work apart from his peers. The bright colors, engaging patterns, and unique perspective all work in tandem to create stunning pieces of art. While each of Styer’s piece feels a little different, his style is distinguished enough to make them recognizably his own.

Julia Walck | @juliawalck

Whew, Julia Walck’s Instagram account is bright in every sense of the word. The Los Angeles-based creator is often inspired by vintage mementos, and you can tell by looking at her artwork. In addition to curating a gorgeous feed, she designed a line of stir sticks and coasters that fuse modern and retro barware for fellow cocktail enthusiasts. Walck fills her feed with eye-catching, charming, old-fashioned images that are filled with character.

Joe O’Donnell | @donnie_odonnell

Joe O’Donnell’s Instagram account is highly satisfying, especially if you love the idea of shapes fitting perfectly in other shapes. Most of O’Donnell work uses abstract shapes to form recognizable images of animals, ranging from cows to geese to poodles. Thanks to his unique techniques and vision, he’s able to transform a backyard chicken into a memorable piece of art.