Have More Fun Supporting Indie Artists with These Unique Puzzle Designs

Posted inIllustration Design

This month, the Canadian indie puzzle shop SOONNESS launched PNP, a Kickstarter-esque quarterly shopping event where artists submit designs for puzzles that consumers can then “vote for” by preordering. While most were limited edition, made-to-order puzzles, don’t worry if you missed out— SOONNESS storeowner and illustrator Soon Cho is putting the most popular designs into production on her site. Each design is colorful, cheery, and full of intricate details sure to please any puzzle lover. If you’re looking for a challenge and an eye-catching addition to your collection, why not grab one?

Check out all four new puzzles below. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind puzzle designs, or have a piece you’d love to make into a puzzle, follow SOONNESS for more details on their next PNP this fall.

“Good Vibes Only” by Humberto Cruz
“Treasure Hunters” by Frenemy
“Supermarket” by Rowon
“Gone Coastal” by Kathy Ager