We Can’t Get Enough of Kiran Joan’s Verdant, Colorful Illustrations

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Kiran Joan is a Baltimore-based illustrator with an eye for fluid lines and marvelous, lively textures. She grew up in India and Oman as well as the US, and you can tell she’s lived all over the place just by looking at her work. Joan has a knack for blending visual perspectives and fusing them into her colorful, kinetic illustrations.

In addition to working for clients like HuffPost and The New York Times, Joan has won multiple awards, such as an ADC Young Ones Bronze Cube. While her illustrations are exquisitely psychedelic, there’s also an earthy, grounded quality to her work. Each piece she creates takes you to a calmer, more idyllic world. Her sunny colors, communicative textures, and friendly aesthetic are enough to encourage anyone to check out her work.

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Kiran Joan