Kyle Ellingson Uses Surreal Illustrations to Explore Everyday Life

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Kyle Ellingson‘s comic-inspired illustrations stand out for their clever blend of surrealism and pop art. In his series Dreams: Volume II, Ellingson reimagines everyday life by exaggerating the strangeness of its most recognizable moments. In one graphic, beyond exhausted humans look almost mummified as they follow a robotic figure with a briefcase. Details like a candle, lightbulb, and sunrise shine a witty, literalized light on the monotonous grind of work. Ellingson’s illustrations use raw emotion and a vivid color palette to create a captivating, playfully humorous portrait of quotidian misery.

Ellingson is currently based in Brooklyn, and you can find his work in publications like The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Billboard, and New York Magazine.

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Kyle Ellingson