Wieden + Kennedy’s Door Gods

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If you’re unfamiliar, Door Gods are honored by the Chinese as spiritual guardians of entryways. Declaredly, they help keep spirits from entering and often face each other in pairs.

To honor these sacred Door Gods, Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai created a series of animations representing many Gods, including the God of Love, Money, Career, Pet, Plant, Health, and Queer. The mini-series features a range of animation styles, but all are appropriately vividly colored and high in emotion. A beautiful way to showcase the tradition and skills of an agency. Hopefully, this project inspires other agencies to design more work just for the sake of it; we need more of it.

HEYO! How was your 2021?! Not great? Don’t worry @wkshanghai has your back. That’s why we’ve summoned the most powerful guardians of all… Door Gods!!! 

Chinese Door Gods are widely worshipped gods who guard against evil and bring positivity into every household during the Chinese New Year. ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

So ladies and gentlemen, for a more prosperous 2022, let us welcome the God of 🔥Love🔥, 💰Money💰, 📈Career📈, 🐶Pet🐱, 🌳Plant🌺, 💪🏻Health💪🏻 and 🌈Queer🌈!!! 

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay strong. 

Happy 2022 Lunar and CNY🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳

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