Print’s April 2014 Issue

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The New Visual Artists Issue: This month, we highlight this year’s 20 young artists under the age of 30 who are making their marks as the crème de la crème. Take a look into the portfolios and minds of emerging designers, illustrators and photographers.


Print Magazine April 2014

Cover by Leigh Guldig

Web extra: Read more about the cover and take an inside look at Guldig’s process.


New Visual Artists 2014Neatly packed in this issue, you’ll find a window into the portfolios and minds of emerging designers, illustrators and photographers.By Jessica Kuhn, Melissa Mazzoleni, Karli Petrovic & Michelle Taute


Grids+Guides: The Print Celebrates Design Awards winner explains their standout design; Shadow Type provides plenty of visual treats; a combination pun and clamp holds it all together.

Web Extra: Discover all the Print Celebrates Design Awards winners.

Interview: Future design leaders can make the world a better place. School of Visual Arts’ Cheryl Heller teaches them how.

Evolution: Rabbits have been hopping their way into art for centuries. Find out more about this ubiquitous symbol.

Dialogue: Millions anxiously read the 40 Days of Dating saga as it unfolded online.Timothy Goodman tells Steven Heller what’s still to come.

Observer: A site designed by Pentagram will likely be praised by designers looking to fill their bookshelves. Learn about the challenges in creating must-read lists.

Web Extra: Learn more about Designers & Books with Print’s interview with founder Steven Kroeter.

Stereotype: The late Michael Harvey was an esteemed type designer, lettercarver, author and book jacket designer. Paul Shaw looks back at Harvey’s legacy in letters.


Reviews: Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Cap blog takes on new literary life in the form of 26 rereleases of classics—the “A” to “Z” Penguin Drop Caps series.

THE Last Word/Interview: Get an exclusive glimpse into the career and work of famed designer and illustrator Seymour Chwast.

The Last Word: James Dean sounds off one final time.