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Graphic design and photography go hand in hand, so we thought it was only natural to explore the connections between the two crafts in this issue. We shine a light on the working relationships between art director/photography duos whose collaborations you’ve surely admired for years. You’ll also learn the history behind the now ubiquitous photo format known as the “selfie.” Ellen Shapiro takes on the debate of whether digital photography has made the medium too accessible and thereby devalued the process and the final product. Plus, we feature the winners of our Hand Drawn Illustration Awards, another medium that plays an important role in the realm of design.


Print Magazine August 2013, Photography Issue


Grids+GuidesObscure record albums get press, “Star Wars” film gets discovered, David Levinthal plays with war, posters from London’s Underground, and shelter animals stamp out homelessness.

EvolutionBefore the Polaroid, photobooths both captured and captivated the masses. Learn the history of this revolutionary device.

InterviewPhotographer Lori Nix depicts images of death and destruction in her elaborate photo shoots, often with a touch of humor mixed in.

DialogueSteven Heller talks with photographer Paolo Ventura about his dioramas and World War II influences.

ObserverPhotobooks have long been relegated to the categories of amateur and kitsch. Rick Poynor explores the cultural significance of these artful tomes.


The Illustrator EliteTypography was a big theme among the top four winners of our Hand Drawn competition. All 24 finalists exhibited exquisite craft and unique illustration styles.By Karli Petrovic

Mad MiraclesEver wonder how firms like Design Army and Sagmeister and Walsh always produce stunning images? Find out their secrets for art directing photo shoots that astound and amaze.By David Barringer

Portrait of the ArtistYou’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t taken a “selfie” for their social media profile. Learn how photographers throughout history have made the self-portrait an art form.By Tim Davis

Digital DebateHas the fact that everyone now takes their own photos devalued photography? Seven notable photographers weigh in on this important question and other concerns.By Ellen Shapiro

Stock Options There are billions of stock photos at designers’ fingertips, yet sometimes it’s still a challenge to find the right shot. Meet three new stock agencies with innovative business models and refreshing approaches to stock photos.By Michelle Taute


Back IssueMartin Fox takes a look back at Print’s August 1979 Issue.

Reviews Debbie Millman on “Hello Mr.,” a new magazine for men who date men; Douglas Wolk on Nick Cave’s “Push the Sky Away” album cover; Claire Lui on the cover of “Bits of Autobiography,” a new book from imprint Whisky Priest; and Rachel Swaby on Sooner, an app that manages deadlines, to-do lists, appointments and meetings.

The Last WordSeymour Chwast signs off with King Louis XIV.