Print’s February 2015 Issue – The Typography Issue

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Explore the history and evolution of typography in the February 2015 issues of Print magazine. Discover important events in the art of typography’s history, see what it looks like today, and take a look at the potential future of typography with the informative articles included in this issue. Plus, learn more about current typography trendsetters and find out who’s taking the art to the nest level in the future. In addition, you’ll find out the winners of Print’s Legends in Advertising Awards, and be treated to a special memo from ad legend Keith Reinhard.


Print's Typography Issue


Typography Today: This inspiring and sharp essay collection highlights eight of the top minds in the field reflecting on the art, history and future of typography.

Web Extra: Read Scott-Martin Kosofsky’s essay for this collection, “Total Design,” in which he discusses creating specific type for specific books.

9 Type Designers to Watch: Print surveyed the type pros to put together a list of the top designers everyone should look out for in 2015.

Web Extra: Two More Type Designers to Watch

Escape from the Ordinary, One Typeface at a Time: In this feature, Type Directors Club president Matteo Bologna explains where we should be headed in the future: to a world in which we create custom faces for any—and all—of our projects.

The House that Burns Built: Type visionary Aaron Burns didn’t like the way the typographic world worked. So, he created his own: The International Typeface Company (ITC).

Web Extra: Take a look at highlights and archival content from the 1964 issue of Print, “Typography Today,” guest-edited by Aaron Burns.

Not Retro, But Vintage: Print takes a look at the post-Postmodern work of veteran letterer and type designer Daniel Pelavin.

Protecting Citizen Journalists: The Best of Show winner of Print’s Legends in Advertising Awards paired clean design with a complex concept to tackle a vital issue.

Web Extra: Watch the award-winning promotional spot for Report Without Fear.


Grids+Guides: An advertising legend pens a special memo for Print, card-playing designers pay homage to the form, and creative briefs get put to work. Plus, Friends of Type’s postcards and Type Teams.

Web Extra: Any Wednesday: 10 of Keith Reinhard’s Classic Wisdoms for Creatives and Mad Men

Evolution: From icicles to flames, Steven Heller takes a look at the rise, fall and future of novelty typography.

Interview: Print talks with “mad typographic scientist” Oded Ezer—a designer who manages to astonish, amaze and incense while simultaneously alter the way we look at type.

Web Extra: “Mad Type Scientist” Oded Ezer is Back with 4 New Works

Interview: Meet Yuri Arcurs, the god of modern stock photography.

Interaction: Is everything you’re learning about interactive work coming from the design world? If so, it’s time to look up from your desk.

Dilemma: Milton Glaser’s new campaign asks everyone on the planet to acknowledge the possibility of the most catastrophic event in human history: the end of Earth.

Reviews: AIGA medalist Gail Anderson and Joe Newton “create influ- ence” at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Plus: The Typendium app puts the history of typography in the palm of your hand.