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Print Magazine’s June 2014 Issue is the Innovation & Entrepreneur Issue. In this issue, we take a look at how the entrepreneur shift has paved the way for a new chapter in social innovation design and delve into what being a design entrepreneur really means. Plus get insight into what it takes to break into the world of illustration.


Print Magazine June 2014

Cover by Laura Bifano

Inside Print Magazine’s June 2014 Issue You’ll Find:


Conceive. Make. SellThe term “design entrepreneur” gets thrown around a lot these days—but what does it really mean? These 8 creators and their brilliant new projects get to the core of what it’s all about.By Steven Heller and Lita Talarico

The Social Innovation RevolutionBusiness and social innovation aren’t typical bedmates. But as the rising class of altruistic entrepreneurs takes over, business as usual for designers is being redefined.By Cheryl Heller

Dreams of DrawingBreaking into the illustration industry requires hard work and an unmatched passion. Professionals, agents and educators weigh in on what it takes to live the drawing life.By Karli Petrovic

The New Rules of LeadershipTell the suits to move aside. Thanks to their unique skills, design-minded individuals are in a prime position to take over top business roles.By Maria Giudice and Christopher Ireland

A Flock of PixelsThe children of the ’80s are now at play as interactive designers. This translates into a contemporary aesthetic rich with vibrant colors, pixelated imagery and New Wave typography.By Jason Tselentis


Grids+Guides:Louise Fili’s two-tone pencils embrace Italian design and traditions. Plus, a tattoo coloring book combines Ollie Munden’s passions.

Evolution: The term “graphic designer” hasn’t always been the verbiage used to describe the profession. Discover how it has made its way into our vernacular.

Interview: The duo behind Kern and Burn discuss the lessons they learned by chatting with design entrepreneurs.

Dialogue: When entrepreneurialism meets artistic talent, the results can be uncanny. From the desire to make the perfect ax, Peter Buchanan-Smith has created a thriving company.

Reviews: The Creators Club handcrafts custom wares that blend the best of Scandinavian minimalism with vintage Americana.

The Last Word: Seymour Chwast depicts General Custer’s final moments from the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876.