Map Your Moves

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I am a huge fan of crowdsourced data, which is why I’m excited about the data Brian Lehrer has been gathering at WNYC for the “Map Your Moves” project. Mr. Lehrer asked his listeners to report on where they’ve lived over the last ten years and why they moved. The dataset was recently made available and encompasses about 1600 responses. I wouldn’t argue that the show’s listeners are the most representative cross-section of the city, but I am itching to find the patterns in their movements and to look for connections between the participants.

I spent an afternoon manicuring, geocoding and mapping the responses. Sadly, locations are limited to zip codes, which is not the most detailed for the city level, but it’s clear that this narrative spans the city, country and globe. The images above represent an initial global and city level rendering of the data and I hope to find more time to explore it at different resolutions.