“To Stay Creative in a State of Crisis”: Ivan Cash & Dan Addelson’s PARKED

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“I’ve always been inspired by subversive art in the face of societal restrictions,” Ivan Cash writes. “So when choreographer Jacob Jonas approached me in April with a crazy idea of doing a drive-in dance performance in a vacant parking lot, I knew I had to be a part of it.”

Not long after, the former PRINT New Visual Artist donned gloves and mask and picked up his camera, working alongside co-director Dan Addelson to capture the performance under the dramatic ambiance of the audience’s headlights. The 45-minute show was put on by Jacob Jonas The Company and took place on May 16, the 59th day of quarantine in Los Angeles. It managed to raise $4,000 for Jonas’ dancers via donations from attendees, who had entered a lottery to take part.

Check out Cash’s film, which was produced with support from a City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs grant, below.

As Cash says, “We navigated unprecedented constraints while following health guidelines to prioritize everyone’s safety, and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Directed by: Ivan Cash & Dan Addelson

Produced by Cash Studios & Jacob Jonas The Company

Line Producer: Jenna Cedicci

Director of Photography: Michael Pescasio

Editor: Blake Bogosian

Camera Operator 1: Joey Graziano

Camera Operator 2: Dylan Schwartz

Drone Footage: Dylan Schwartz

Sound Mixer: Daniel McCoy

Composer: Anibal Sandoval

Art Department: Eliot Addelson

1st AC: Owen Patry

2nd AC: Bradley Wilder

Audio Mix: Pete Kneser

Color: Beau Leon

Senior Color Producer: Andrew McLintock

Project Manager: Louie Jimena

Special Thanks: Devin Whetstone, Jesse Dana


Creator & Choreographer: Jacob Jonas

Producers: Jill Wilson

Lighting Design: Will Adashek

Assistant Choreographer: Mike Tyus

Rehearsal Director: Marissa Labog

Content and Research: Joy Brown, Emma Rosenzweig-Bock

Dance Captains: errese Adams, Anthony Bryant

Dancers: Jerrese Adam, Georgia Bryan,

Anthony Bryant, Joy Isabella Brown, James “Jstylz” Blackston, Chandler Davids, Marissa Labog, Miguel Lopez Jorge, Jacob "Kujo" Lyons, Emma Rosenzweig-Bock, Mike Tyus, Angelo "Vo Vera" Sapienza, Santiago Villarreal, Jill Wilson, Diána Worby, Patricia Zhou

Special Thanks: Don Norman, Elizabeth Yochim, Jonathan Pony