Obsessions: December 14th, 2009

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Huzzah! Another holiday edition of Obsessions! (I swear there’s only one more of these you’ll have to deal with.) I know you’re probably all up to the roots of your platinum blond asymmetrical haircuts with clients’ end-of-the-marketing-budget freak-outs (possibly that’s just me and my asymmetrical haircut), and therefore haven’t done a lot of shopping yet. I’m hoping this edition will help you out of your tight holiday-stress-induced spots.

I really, really want this for myself: an anatomy chart of a gingerbread man, created by Jason Freeny. Jason's art is silly and kind of disgusting, and that's what my inner 12-year-old boy deeply desires. If you look inside Jason's shop, there's tons of options for any sort of enthusiast. He's dissected domo-kun, he shows how gummi bears are conceived, he flattens Mickey Mouse. It's pretty amazing, and his prints are a steal at $59 each.

These soothing little sculptures are great alternatives for those who don't feel the need for a big spangly Christmas tree. Each one of Naochina's porcelain and LED abstract tree designs has a fader inside to emit a gentle pulsating light, and they come in three heights. Really beautiful heartbeat-like objects for a silent night.

I've been following Noferin's work for a few years now, and have one of their PecanPals sculptures. Noferin has an uncanny ability to pair nearly pure geometric shapes with a sense of childlike innocence. The resulting characters are pretty magical. New to their family of sculpted toys are Jibibuts, a smaller sculpture than we're used to seeing from them. Rather than another large limited edition piece, Noferin is entering the blind box market with these twelve little guys sold for $9 each. There are two bonus rare characters. Very collectible.

Hey, so I haven't heard nearly enough Bad Santa jokes. Nor have I seen enough single-serving Tumblr sites. How about you?