Obsessions: October 19th, 2009

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Temari are Japanese thread balls. Each Temari is wrapped in yarn, then covered in intricately layered colored threads. The notion started as toys, then blossomed into a wildly variable platform for pattern exploration. Flickr user NanaAkua has put up a set of gorgeous Temari to honor her grandmother (who is turning 89 very soon) and made everything you’ll see here.

Aimee Mullins was born without fibular bones—the outer calf bones—and as such had her legs amputated in infancy. Naturally, she became a sprinter, model, actress, and a spokesperson for innovation. This is her speech from the most recent TED conference. Her primary subject of advocacy: Stop separating form from function.

I don’t know who the user is behind JuliesMovies at YouTube, but she scares the living daylights out of me. She wears masks based on popular notions of beauty, but what I see is a woman trapped inside a beautiful, mummified puppet.

Here’s a hilarious version of the Christian Genesis as retold through the filter of Tyra Banks. I’ve been giggling at this all week.

…but not quite as much as I have at this very reverent take on a scene from the show Glee, in which Quinn tries out for glee club. Here’s the original in case you haven’t been following the show. Clearly the next logical (and much gayer) step in the YouTube community’s obsession with aping pop choreography.

Bonus link! Here’s a great feature on Jane Lynch, who plays Coach Sue Sylvester. Jane, quite frankly, makes the show worth watching.