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Hi, designers. As some of you may know, today’s my last day with Print Magazine as a regular contributor. It would appear I’ve been writing Obsessions since the Chicago HOW Design Conference. Not last year’s HOW Conference, the one in 2005.

At that point, Obsessions was a sort of catchall column, dedicated to curiosities of the technological sort—no real editorial direction there, just interesting things. It appeared every two months in the printed Print, very quietly. Now, the column has grown to be a daily publishing about technology, its intersection with visual design, design education, economics of design—basically, everything but design—appearing five days a week and then a more in-depth printed version in the magazine. And trust me, finding something to say that you hope is fairly insightful daily by 5PM (in the middle of the usual design deadlines) is no mean feat.

Friends, I’m beat. It’s time for me to take a break and maybe write at a more leisurely pace. Aaron and Michael have asked that I pop back in from time to time, which I plan to do—and I may even start writing more in-depth on my own (you can follow @houseofpretty on Twitter for announcements). But for now, it’s Miller Time. Thanks to all of you for reading Obsessions through, my Lord, what has to be at least three paid upgrade editions of Adobe Creative Suite.

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