Tiny, But Frightening

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that's not really sushi.

Over the weekend, Monsieur Heller pointed out the weird, possibly-OCD world of miniature food and its fans. Huge surprise, this happens a lot in Japan, and I follow a spooky YouTube channel that assembles microfoods in deathly silence. This particular channel highlights the bizarre microfoods (some edible, some not) that are all made of completely manufactured ingredients, sold in tiny kits that fizz, foam, congeal, and form into solids far too quickly for me to be comfortable with. There are tiny kits to make microsushi from chemical compounds that never existed any time earlier than a hundred years ago, fizzy and gloopy compounds too frightening to name, but masked by the Japanese love of cute. Welcome to the future! It’s horrifying here. Eat up.

This is an excellent example of how cuteness can mask a diabolical nature, as expertly parodied in Pleix’s Beauty Kit for Little Girls, in various kits for facial reconstruction, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and breast augmentation.