Today’s Obsession: Azuro

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I know I’m being a blatant press release whore by posting this but you know what, I just don’t care: yesterday, the FontFeed from FontShop published an incredibly detailed look at a new family called Azuro from Georg Seifert, whose name you would recognize if I had remembered to mention him the other day as the creator of Glyphs, the new type development tool.

Azuro is touted as being more legible for digital communications, and goes on to detail Siefert’s process in its development. It’s the first family to be developed with Windows, Mac, and iOS screens used as samples during its initial development process. I don’t know how true of a benefit that actually is, but your barrier to entry to find out is incredibly low—the family is on sale for $20 for four weights in either desktop or web versions until May 31.

I personally love it for its irregular, humanistic forms and big open bowls, which I find much more calming to read in long passages—I’m using it for my personal correspondence at the moment. Grab a copy while you can. I repeat: it’s only $20 right now!