Today’s Obsession: Collections

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I have a friend, sort of a pen pal from the web, named Robert Patrick, who’s an art dealer in California. Robert’s in his fifties from what I can gather, and he’s using this portion of his life to look back over his years at the small, quiet things which have made him who he is now. That’s about all that I know about him, but I’m really kind of fond of his quiet lack of definition—some relationships are better when they’re mysterious. Robert’s writing is beautiful in its dreaminess.

One of those things is his love of collecting, and I thought I should share his entry about that with you. He has a magnificent collection of vintage, 1960’s American roadside restaurant placemats, the paper kind you might remember if you grew up in the 1970’s or earlier. Robert is considering ditching his collection of placemats because he doesn’t feel excited about this collection any more. But in the telling of that fact, he reminisces about what his collections have meant through his life. I thought this might be pertinent to you designers, with your own collections. Enjoy!