Today’s Obsession: Metal Music Catalog-ing

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I am so excited for this. Designers, I know you’re all exacting about the micro-genres of music you’re fanatical about, so here’s a good way to put it all together into the context of everything else in your master genre.

This is the Map of Metal, a painstakingly exact map (with lots of safety pins and skulls, naturally) of all of metal. It starts with heavy metal, but quickly branches out into original punk tracks, first and second wave black metal, tons of micro-genres inside black metal.

Now, connect this with my own favorite, Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music, and you’ve essentially got my household’s record collection. Su and I are both electronic nerds, but he’s also a metal fan (while I am just now discovering guitars, at age 40). Ishkur’s has been around for years, and is one of the most thorough maps of all of electronic music, all the way back to its beginnings, that I have ever seen. Weirdly, there’s also a fairly healthy overlap with the Map of Metal.

Now go bore your friends.