Today’s Obsession: NoteSlate

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NoteSlate, in blue with blue eInk

Here’s a lovely thing we can expect to see in the next few months: a wee, little slight tablet called the NoteSlate. It’s a monochromatic, low-energy computer which accepts input from its included stylus to create anything in black and white that can be stored on a 32GB SD card. Choose one in black or white, and it’s $99. This looks to be the tablet minimalist would adore, with its simple three-button interface (save, delete, view previous), its paper-like surface made for scratching notes upon, and its low-power eInk screen.

The device will be sold only through its own site, a refreshing bit of simplicity and freedom from the over-burdened platform-based objects we’re used to seeing from Apple and Amazon. Technical specs and pre-orders are available at the site.