Today’s Obsession: Ribbon Candy

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Thumbnail for Today's Obsession: Ribbon Candy

Specimen image for Ribbon Candy from designer Kyle Letendre.

Enough about media blunders and political graphics for the time being, here’s something fun.

Ribbon Candy is a newish typeface from youngish Chicago-based designer Kyle Letendre. The thing I find intriguing here is this typeface really shouldn’t work; it has no business working. In unskilled hands, this experiment could have a ton of weird negative space issues and readability problems, but somehow, kyle pulls it off. The typeface is simple in concept—think ribbon candy bent upon itself to build letters. There’s a little animated video showing its construction in a fun, cartoonish way. Rather reminiscent of origami folding instructions, and with forms reminding me of those from tiki bars of the sixties. Also, bonus: Kyle’s made it freely downloadable. Thanks, dude!

(note: the typeface installs into your system with the name “UntitledRegular.”)