Today’s Obsession, Sort of: DADT

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Here’s a little bit of holiday cheer from The Chief, signed into law with no press coverage to speak of: the Small Business Innovation Research got renewed. This is a great program in which research-based federal agencies set aside amounts for small businesses to participate in their research, and therefore make a government reinvestment back into the private sector.

Why’d we never hear about it? Because it was, after several attempts at a re-signing, stalled. But some crafty soul buried it inside other, more eye-catching legislation. Now we know it by the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010.

This is some genius use of the media as obfuscation for the purpose of progress. Read more at the New York Times’ You’re the Boss.

(Image from official White House photographer Pete Souza, for the daily White House photo galleries.)