Today’s Obsession: Sweet Sans

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Releasing today, and sponsoring nameplates and headlines on Typographica at the moment, is a new sans that I kind of need to get my hands on. It’s Sweet Sans from MVB Fonts, and is a gorgeous rendition of the engravers’ sans that’s been such a favorite for over a century.

To date my favorites have been the AT Engravers’ package and Sackers, but this could possibly replace those. While their charm is distinct, their features and range are somewhat limited.

Sweet Sans comes in a package of nine weights with OpenType features like stylistic alternates, standard and extended ligatures, and true small caps. It’s drawn from various reference plates of the period, but is reconfigured to work for modern purposes. There are two basic versions: Standard and Pro. Standard gives you all the typesetting tools necessary to work in Western languages. Pro expands character options and adds support for Central and Eastern European languages.

hat tip: @typographica.