Today’s Obsession: Web Meme, He is Risen

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You know, the distance from art to the internet’s cornball sense of humor is really not that far.

Today, someone plopped Guido Jesus in my Twitter stream, and what’s weird is: he seems derived from Dogma’s Buddy Christ via Jersey Shore. Here’s another couple of images of this guy; no name given.

Buddy Christ took off in popularity after he was actually sold as a toy.

He was a direct descendant of a series of classic eyerollers in which Jesus can say pretty much anything, followed by LOL, because there’s not much unfunny about that.

The weird thing about Guido Jesus is that he’s been around for a while—this picture first seems to have showed up on the web back in 2008 from Tumblr after having been found at The Picdump, took off for a while, then died down in popularity. Recently I’ve been seeing him pop up all over the place again.

Update: The original source of the image appears to be based around this story from The Netherlands in 2008, in which two Turkish brothers are exposed as pimps on a message board from a year earlier. The guy’s name appears to be Ansswa Murat (not that my Dutch is any good at all), and here are his original pics (some with his brother).