Today’s Obsession: Web Type for CMSes

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If you’re developing sites in WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla for your clientele to edit after you’re done, you now have another tool in your arsenal. Monotype’s now has a WordPress plugin for you to download and hook up to your account at and allow your client to style their own content using true typography.

We’ve been testing the preview release here at Imprint, and it couldn’t be easier for editors to use. In context of your editing screen, you select the text you want to style, choose the correct typeface from your pulldown menu, and it simply shows up. Which means I can now use my beloved Trade Gothic at Imprint, as I do on all my printed correspondence.

The setup requires an API key hooked up to your account, allowing your WordPress install to talk back to the site and deliver your credentials. The typography, like every other version of the font embedding, is powered with a tiny bit of JavaScript.