Today’s Obsession: Your License Plate

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From Los Angeles designer David Croy, a treat: American license plate design. In this post, we’re treated to the worst in institutional clip art by unqualified committee—all forced upon you, by law. It’s a state-mandated zit on your car’s butt.Says David,

One can only hope that no one was paid for this shit, but even if that’s the case, we’re not getting our money’s worth. This is just visual pollution. And it’s worse than nothing at all because of its cumulative effect. Our environment is, largely, designed stuff (billboards, license plates, cars, architecture). When our environment is one of clip art junk, we’re living in junk.How about this crazy suggestion: hire some graphic designers – because contrary to the rumors of our Champagne-soaked lifestyles of ease, some of us were hit pretty hard by the recession that hit every single other person in the country pretty hard. Designers could use the jobs, and everyone could use a break from this clip art onslaught.

Too right. Sometimes the garbage I have to look at here in Chicago just depresses me.