Updates from Adobe, Errors from Apple

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Updates from Adobe, Errors from Apple

Detail of Muse's working screen.

Couple of quick things today. Firstly, Adobe’s released beta version 3 of Muse, their site builder for designers. The download is here, and as stated previously, it’s free until its official 1.0 release. There are significant fixes in how the application renders code, so anything you build will be more readily accepted on a modern browser.

Notably, when I first reviewed Muse, I pointed out that the typography wasn’t rendering because of errors in how the type was specified in CSS. Turns out that’s only partially true—while the CSS in that particular example isn’t the prettiest girl at the dance, it pretty much does its job.

The actual reason I was seeing mis-rendered type was a problem that occurs in combination with Apple’s Webkit rendering engine and font managers, and this is a new problem specific to Lion. So Font Agent, Suitcase Fusion, FontExplorer X, and so on, mis-render type in Safari and Chrome for almost every designer who’s keeping type activated and not kept inside the system’s default Fonts folders.

The problem’s not incredibly well-defined because it’s so oblique in symptoms, but I found a fix for it here.