Aaron Draplin Brings the Thick Lines to an Imperial Cider for Austin Eastciders

Posted inPackaging Design

It’s fall, babies. 

Apple picking is nigh, the pumpkin spice is flowing, decorative gourds are aplenty, and the sweaters are done-broken-out. And if you’re from southern California, the same thing applies, except y’all are wearing UGGs and scarves in 80-degree weather. But, hey, participation trophies for everyone, I say!

While the pumpkin spice latter tends to suck all of the crisp, autumnal oxygen out of the room, one drink that doesn’t get nearly enough love is cider, and we mean the alcoholic kind. If you’re looking for a new brand to dive into that also just so happens to boast some beautiful design, look no further than Austin Eastciders.

Just this past week, the boozy apple juice makers introduced their latest Imperial Cider that sports mouth-watering apple juice from the Pacific Northwest. And it clocks in at an astounding 8.3% ABV. 

Wanting to deliver the full Pacific Northwest experience to the visual identity of the can design, they tapped everyone’s favorite Portland-based designer and patch aficionado Aaron Draplin to bring the branding to life. Here, you’ll find your Granny Smith greens and crystal-clear connection to Draplin’s thick lines posters.

“We’re new to the cider game. And dang, this stuff is DELICIOUS,” Draplin said in a press release. “It’s been a blast working with the Eastciders crew to bring these cans to life. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a tower of pallets of the stuff! I’ve seen proof. Crack open a couple and get weird!”

You’ll want to act now as this is a limited offering from the cider mavens, with some already calling this a collector’s item. And given how cider kings Angry Orchard tastes, that seems pretty accurate. Visit Austin Eastciders to learn more.