BAWI Presents a Healthy, Authentic Take on a Classic Mexican Soft Drink

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Victor Guardiola was on a mission to recreate his favorite childhood drink. While agua fresca is wildly popular in Mexico and Central America, this juice-like drink is not quite as easy to find in America. Guardiola wanted to create his own, healthier spin on the beverage, and thus, BAWI was born. 

The Working Assembly designed a system for BAWI that takes inspiration from Mexican street art and local fruit stands. The intricate fruit illustrations and punchy typography create an immersive effect that visually evokes the tangy, sweet flavors of the beverages. BAWI’s colorful, nostalgic identity presents a fresh, authentic reflection of Mexican art and culture.

 Branding agency The Working Assembly has launched a new brand called BAWI, a line of agua frescas with a modern twist, made with less sugar, organic fruit juices, and the perfect amount of carbonation. 

Agua frescas are classic Mexican beverages, and BAWI’s co-founder Victor Guardiola set out to bring authenticity to a favorite childhood drink, wanting to enjoy some of the nostalgic flavors he grew up with in Monterrey, Mexico, but through a more health-conscious lens, “The bold flavors are nostalgic for me, and delicious for all,” said BAWI co-founder and CEO, Victor Guardiola

Traditionally, agua fresca is made with fruit juices like pineapple, lime, and watermelon, but can also consist of rice water blended with spices such as horchata, or even flor de jamaica (hibiscus). What they all have in common is that, while delicious, they are often packed with sugar,” said BAWI’s co-founder and COO Jordan Hicks.

The two founders were still in college when they connected with the team at The Working Assembly, wanting to create a brand that was representative of Mexican roots but also added in a modern and bold Austin flair. The result is a graphic system rooted with Mexican influence, but with a decidedly more contemporary approach to the typography and aesthetic.

Throughout the BAWI identity process, we wanted to pay homage to Mexican-American culture. The result for BAWI is a brand image that gives a nod to Mexican heritage and celebrates Austin’s culture, modernized with a clean and contemporary approach.” said The Working Assembly’s Senior Brand Manager Anthony Fernandez.

“The BAWI logo incorporates drawn typography with a dimensional vernacular apparent in local food and fruit stands and Mexican street art. The packaging and custom illustration style were inspired by ‘Lotería’, a traditional Mexican card game like bingo that can be traced back to the 1920s, with cards that feature a vintage, watercolor aesthetic. The duality of the English-Spanish linguistics on the packaging hints at the intersection of the Mexican-American and Tex-Mex cultures,” said Diego Barragan, Design Director at The Working Assembly.

The new BAWI is the first of its kind Agua Fresca and currently on shelves in Austin, and available for pre-order on their new site that The Working Assembly also produced The website created by Aaron Bunge, Associate Design Director for Digital and Sarah Sprinkle, Digital Designer features fun features such as a “Spanglish” language option and a classic Agua Fresca jug that fills up as you add to your cart.

“Working with a diverse and dynamic group of collaborators at The Working Assembly, including Spanish speaking team members, really defined the cultural bridge that we think embodies BAWI’s brand. Bringing in different perspectives and first-hand knowledge of what a Mexican beverage should look and feel like really set our branding, and aesthetic apart. Choosing the right partners to work with MATTERS.” said BAWI co-founder and CEO, Victor Guardiola

Project Credits
The Working Assembly
Photography: Fresh Take Studios