Drink Up With Sonoma Distilling Company’s Premium California Whiskey

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Sonoma Bourbon has teamed up with the spirits branding and packaging professionals, Makers & Allies, to create a unique and vintage-inspired label. Each label comes with a different component, including various textures and colors, which taps right into the artisanal and fresh twist that makes up Sonoma. These labels are as refined as whiskey should be.

Rooted in the heart of Sonoma County, Sonoma Distilling Co. needed a rebrand that would speak for itself in the market as California's Premium Craft Whiskey brand. The packaging captures the essence of the craft-centered community of Sonoma, while expressing the nuances which make their whiskey, and their production, unique.

Textures and colors like copper, metal, wood, grains, and water are presented with bold, vintage-inspired fonts, fusing modern and innovative with traditional – The result is a look and feel which reflects the brand’s journey and ethos: established and high-quality, yet artisanal and sustainably-minded.

Sonoma Distilling Company is primed for a new chapter.

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