Everland Refreshes Plant-Based Brand La Vie, And Now Even Meat Lovers Will Be Inspired To Try

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La Vie is a plant-based food start-up positioning itself as a product that’s a “new meat” rather than a “meat alternative.”

The plant-based brand worked with Scandinavian consumer brand agency Everland to create a branding and packaging system unlike any other plant-based brand on the market. Instead of working with cliche shades of brown and green with plant-inspired illustrations, La Vie moved in a direction that’s a celebration of life. 

“Meat alternatives are an ocean of sameness, building on traditional FMCG packaging conventions,” said Carl Johan Larsson, creative director and partner at Everland, in a press release. “It’s mostly pale meat patties, happy, yet boring, colors, generic plant icons and then some equally unnoticeable brand name involving butcher, plant, alternative, or meat.”

La Vie collaborated with Lithuanian artist and illustrator Egle Zvirblyt to create playful and delightful illustrations that make a whole world of cheerful aesthetics. Additionally, each product invites a new character to center stage; for example, Mr. Piggy de-stresses over a drool-worthy bacon pasta dish. It’s bright, whimsical, and, in true vegan fashion, a celebration of life.

Utilizing pink as the primary color adds to the elements of revelry as it’s inherently known for its cheerful connotations. But then, using green and blue hues to balance and support the pink shades help to create a cohesive look that brings the consumer’s mind back to the vegan aspect of the brand. Furthermore, the conscious decision to use black as the primary typographical color makes an impact through bold contrast.  

This “new meat,” from the looks of the branding alone, will appeal to meat loves and vegans alike.