Fermented Beverages Have Never Looked as Charming as Slug Club Kombucha

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The lightly effervescent, sweet drink known as kombucha has taken the world by storm. You can find a million and one flavors from any range of brands, often packaged in a bland glass bottle. Meanwhile, a new design from Argentina’s Slug Club Kombucha is reimagining the beverage’s look.

The aluminum can makes an immediate visual impact with seductive, fittingly fluid typography by The Collected Works. It blends with the color palette to evolve into a innovative, dynamic system that maintains an accessible aesthetic. With its refreshing packaging, Slug Club holds the potential to inspire even uneasy consumers into trying the tasty fermented beverage within.

Slug Club is an elevated kombucha (literally!), created with ​​Patagonian sourced ingredients, brewed and distributed in Argentina. Our design studio was approached to create a complete branding and packaging suite. Although kombucha is a wildly popular beverage here in the States, it’s still bubbling up in South America. The rebrand helps to market Slug Club in a less disruptive beverage market with a flexible custom wordmark that feels both approachable and too cool for school. The procession of thought is continued with our color palette and typography paired with the original Slug Club illustration, a piece of their original brand that we just loved too much to see go. The end result was a tasty and intelligent system leading the way to a bright, fresh new cold one to crack at your next gathering.

Project Credits

The Collected Works

Chris Skinner, Vincent Drayne, Christian Townsend

Justin Raymond Park