Five Beer-Centric Designers to Follow on Instagram

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I recently had the incredible opportunity to speak on a panel at an event called BOPP Conference. This is the first year that the event has run, and it was created with one intention: to connect and learn with those interested in branding and design in the beer space. The panel I spoke on was dedicated to looking at the CPG space as a whole, and understanding how the broad trends impact design within the niche beer industry. 

The beer space is unique in that the packaging design is specific, but also broad in its inspiration and references. Today, I’m sharing five Instagram accounts from creators, innovators, designers, and beer lovers present at the event. Each of the accounts below highlights the individualism within the beer design niche.

Maryssa Pickett | @spud.cowboy

This Charlotte-based multidisciplinary artist has a wide range of works that include editorials, books, zines, and murals, and if you scroll through their account, you’ll see various examples from their diverse collection. While there’s clearly a detailed, illustrative aesthetic that’s consistent throughout their pieces, it’s also obvious that Pickett has an eye for making grunge approachable and light-hearted without sacrificing any of its grit.

Chris Walker | @chrswlkr

Beer can designs often look monotonous, but when the typography makes the flavors and personality come alive, the strategy works. Chris Walker is a lettering artist from Milwaukee who creates designs for beers and signs, amongst other miscellaneous projects. The graphic designer and sign painter’s Instagram feed are filled with behind-the-scenes glances into stunning completed works. Walker will sometimes share his mesmerizing creative process, which highlights his vulnerability and incredible willingness to share trade secrets with others.

Anthony Walker | @anthonyy_walkerr

Anthony Walker is the brain behind Black Summit Design, a studio dedicated to beer packaging design. His Instagram feed is a collection of creations that highlight unique perspectives, from nostalgic, Florida-inspired sour IPA labels to anatomically accurate, heart-inspired Double IPA labels. Walker is remarkable for his ability to tailor each of his designs to the individual brew. Instead of letting his own influences dominate the label designs, they feel motivated by the beverage within.

Tall Trees Design Co | @talltreesdesignco

This independent design studio in Lafayette, Colorado helps smaller brands and large corporations with services ranging from logo design and brand identity, to illustration and packaging design. The studio’s Instagram feed is bursting with engaging projects, like botanical beer labels and Canadian landscape-inspired oat packaging. It’s evident that the outdoors play a large role in inspiring Tall Trees’ work, and it’s captivating to see how they fuse nature into the look and feel of each project.

Perfect Strangers | @perfectstrangersdesign

Garth and Praveen are the minds behind Perfect Strangers, a southern California-based food and beverage branding studio. While they work with a range of clients, the majority of their designs are for breweries. Scrolling through Perfect Strangers’ feed, it’s evident that the designers aren’t afraid of color and confident elements, and it’s delightful to see how they bring so much mischief into beer packaging design.