Friend & Foe: A Wine That Reveals Your Future

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Friend & Foe wine, designed by Makers & Allies , is both a blessing and a curse. The illustrations reveal your fortune, both the good and the bad. Each iteration is both intricate and delicate. For example, as you first see the Sauvignon Blanc, you'll notice a gorgeous turquoise and yellow sun. As you turn it over to pour, a black and white skeleton makes its appearance: life and death. Drink wisely. Your future is at stake.

As the tarot card turns, your fate is revealed— for better or for worse. Each intricate illustration (Lady Justice, The Knight of Cups, The Magician, and The Sun) are splintered by a cross-section of the grinning spectre of death. Embossed, spot varnished details highlight fortune’s side, while debossed gold foil underscores fate’s macabre plans in store. Blessings are always paid due by their shortcomings when their reverse hangs in the balance— how will your hand be dealt?

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Makers & Allies