Homer Chocolate’s Packaging is as Artisanal as the Cacao Within

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Artisinal chocolate deserves a branding system to match. Homer is a brand of cacao chocolate, and Paul Lee designed a simple packaging system for the brand. Featuring a gradient detail in the middle of each box reflective of the flavors within, paired with structural typography, gives the minimalistic design tons of interesting detailing. Unique and handcrafted, these chocolates would make the perfect gift for someone else or just to savor for yourself.

The uniquely crafted Homer cacao chocolate is designed with minimal yet vibrant packaging and comes in three flavours – Peppermint, Mandarin and Hazelnut. Not only it thrives best in its appearance, but Homer also delivers a great tasting experience. Hand-picked and handcrafted cacao chocolate delivers an artisanal taste. To minimise the carbon footprint we have removed the foil wraps and used recyclable cardboard.

Project Credits

Paul Lee