A Drink Is In Order Thanks To Dark Times

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Dark Times is a ready-to-drink craft cocktail serving a silver lining after the year that 2020 was. The bottle is as dark as the year, and the copy is as quick as we wish the year were. Denver-based Lamora Design has done a fabulous job of bringing beauty, craft, and humor to light through this packaging. With each bottle being hand-painted before being laser engraved, you could say that each container is a masterpiece of its own. So, bottoms up, as we drink to a better year.

In times of darkness, look for the light. At least enough to drink by. No surprise, 2020 left us in a dark mood. Rather than wallowing in the darkness—which we did plenty of—we bottled it. Well, first we spent a number of evenings testing and perfecting the recipe. Each bottle was then hand-painted matte black before being laser engraved on all sides and finished with custom letterpress labels. And-then-we bottled it. Aptly named Dark Times, this ready-to-drink craft cocktail was bottled in a small batch and delivered to clients and partners (with proper distancing, of course) as a final adieu to a year that just wouldn’t end.

Project Credits

Design: Lamora Design

Copywriting: Ryan Johnson

Letterpress & Laser Engraving: Method & Madness