Bristols Cider: Inspired by Thirst, Rooted in Tradition

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Makers & Allies have rebranded the cider brand, Bristols. Taking inspiration from the owner, the packaging and design are rebellious and iconic. Everything about this packaging is different from the typical cider packaging you'll see, so it has the remarkable ability to stand out on any shelf. The brand promises to be an always dry, never sweet, hard cider, and the packaging perfectly relays this message without even saying it. Makers& Allies selected the fonts to create a classical and robust quality around the brand. A job well done.

Neil Collins is an OG of the wine industry, working (more than) full time as the winemaker at Tablas Creek and Lone Madrone. Bristols Cider is his side hustle, a passion project and an homage to his upbringing in Bristol, England–quintessential cider country.

Our rebrand for Bristols was inspired by Neil's rebellious spirit and the cider's marked departure from the simple and overly sweet offering all too readily available in the US. The hand-drawn wordmark is a nod to the old Bristol buses in England, meant to be iconic and instantly recognizable in the competitive cider market. The packaging itself was chosen intentionally, to give the brand legs to run within the off-premise market. Overall, the rebrand mixes the past of the cidermaker with a promising future for the beloved always dry, never sweet, hard cider.

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