Welsbro Watches’ Mission Is Deliciously Luxurious

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Welsbro is a watch brand founded in 1926, but, unfortunately, went out of business in the 1970s. In an effort to bring back the brand, the husband and wife duo, Rich Reichbach and Katie Willis, have used unique “ingredients” to give each watch an extraordinary story. The team partnered with a family-owned leather company in Italy to make the Welsbro strap collection that features various sizes, colors, and leathers. Because the brand is focused on the luxuriousness of food, 10% of watch sales are donated to  Meals On Us in Portland, Oregon, a non-profit that provides daily free, healthy meals for those in need. Plus, the brand’s stunning illustrations, graphics, and typography knock it out of the park.

Welsbro is a watch brand originally from New York by 1926that Rich Reichbach and Katie Willis brought back in 2021 in a really fresh and meaningful way. Every Welsbro watch and strap is inspired by a food story from Welsbro owners while living in NYC

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Oscar Bastidas