Shielding Skin in Style with Pavise

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With the ever-evolving changes in UV radiation due to stratospheric ozone and global climate variations, safeguarding our skin has become more critical than ever before. Thanks to the brilliant mind of leading bio-cosmetic scientist Sophie Bai, we now have Pavise— an exceptional creation designed to revolutionize skincare. Bai is an extraordinary trailblazer who has achieved remarkable milestones at an incredibly young age, including the discovery of an anti-aging compound when she was only 16!

Today, she presents us with Pavise, which utilizes new technologies with first-to-market molecules, such as their patent-protected DiamondCore® Shield Technology, a new class of metal oxide molecules with superior safety, efficacy, and wearability.

Sophie approached CENTER to name and build a suncare brand that would challenge the status quo by bringing a touch of luxurious fashion into the laboratory. Inspired by the electrifying and intensely-saturated visuals produced under the microscope, the packaging system features a vivid 3D recreation of Pavise’s patented DiamondCore® Shield, balanced by a refined typographic system that instills trust and embodies a brand rooted in extensive scientific research.

Pavise doesn’t just excel in its performance, but also shines in its exceptional packaging design with bright microscopic elements that effortlessly stand out among its competitors. Pavise takes innovation to the next level by incorporating an iPhone attachment camera and a user-friendly app, empowering you to accurately assess skin damage and determine the ideal level of protection required. This cutting-edge integration of technology enhances everyday skincare and breaks barriers in the beauty industry by offering products suitable for all skin types— a remarkable inclusion that sets it apart in a category previously known for its limited inclusivity.

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