So Bold It’s Epic: Grab Your Fork and Dig in to the Oikos Redesign

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Danone North America Brand Design and New York agency Beardwood&Co. is behind the branding for Oikos' new Blended Greek Yogurt packaging. Featuring a bold and solid typeface, it's clear that this product isn't your average light and airy yogurt product.

In fact, Oikos' new product is so thick you could eat this yogurt with a fork, or so the brand says about this "forkable" product. The boldness of the new line gets represented throughout the entire packaging system in the vibrantly oversized images of the fruits on the outside of the package paired with the dominant typography in the wordmark.

It's a genuine exciting approach as the redesign avoids the "dainty and light" cliches that typically come with a yogurt brand. While the color palette adheres to white and black, it gets balanced by the colors of the fruit images; the aesthetic is simple yet still packs a punch, just like the product within.

This product line challenges the Greek yogurt category, especially with a statement as bold as "you might need a fork," and comes as part of a brand repositioning on the part of Oikos, getting rid of the invisible spoon for a bolder, more aggressive staple in the dairy aisle.

The new Oikos is available now in single cups, four-packs, and quarts nationwide.