The Working Assembly Launches Tom’s Perfect 10: A Happy Granola Accident

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With a nickname like the “Birkin of Granoloas,” there’s no denying that Tom’s Perfect 10 granola comes with high standards. Launched by advertising executive Tom Bannister, who happens to be married to the well-known influencer Eva Chen, the granola brand was created by a happy COVID-lockdown incident, and the branding is inspired by the natural community that Tom created to discover the perfect granola. 

Instead of continuing his search, Tom thoughtfully created his own brand with an identity designed by The Working Assembly. Despite being dubbed Birkin of Granoloas,” the packaging feels down to earth and approachable, just as granola should. The brand consistently releases 4,000 batches of an exclusive flavor every month, so be on the lookout to get your hands on a package. 

Tom’s Perfect 10 is a granola line that launches unique, experimental flavors, from “Mango-nada” to “Flaming Chocolate.” Currently, each pack comes with a scorecard where consumers, upon trying each flavor, can review the granola based on certain criteria and provide feedback that will help Tom find the perfect ten-out-of-ten recipe.

Tom Bannister, Advertising executive, granola connoisseur, wife to Eva Chen and Instagram influencer, was unable to find his perfect granola, so, he decided to concoct his own version. When the pandemic struck and Tom found himself confined to a New York City apartment, he launched a subscription-based flavor-of-the-month granola club which instantly had a waitlist of ten-thousand-plus, earning it the moniker of the “Birkin of Granolas.”

The Working Assembly, an award-winning brand experience design agency based in New York worked on all aspects of the Brand Identity for Tom’s Perfect 10. The New York based agency created the visual identity, packaging, website design and photography.  

“For Tom’s Perfect 10’s identity, we wanted to directly reflect their overall vision. Tom really engages with his consumers, he counts on them for their honest feedback, we wanted the connection he has with his community,” said Jolene Delisle, Founder, Head of Creative, The Working Assembly. 

With each monthly granola, Tom invites his community to share feedback via a scorecard— to give their “granular” analysis of his oat-y delights with the world. After analyzing thousands of reviews and feedback, Tom’s Perfect 10 brand is launching widely with the first of the best reviewed flavors: Ginger Zing. “Granola is so much more than just a breakfast choice—it’s an afternoon snack or a midnight treat,” says Tom. “Like human nature, it can be both sweet and salty. Healthy or decadent. There are no rules, no roadblocks, and no limits to what’s possible. I believe there’s a perfect granola waiting out there for everybody.”

Ginger Zing, a single delicious flavor will be available for purchase on Instagram Checkout beginning this month, with new flavors to follow every quarter. Made with ginger-infused Vermont maple syrup, oats, pecans, almonds, and coconut as well as candied ginger pieces and a large serving of love. 

Within its first launch, the brand had already amassed 15,000 people on its waitlist. Today, the brand consistently releases 4,000 batches of an exclusive flavor every month.

Consumers can buy Tom’s Perfect 10 through Tom’s Instagram or on the website.

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