Wash Away Climate Guilt at BETTER Climate Store

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With the rise of climate change and brands making sustainable promises to reduce waste, it’s hard to know when we are genuinely purchasing sustainably or if we have fallen for greenwashing.

BETTER Climate Store, a new online marketplace built to change this while fighting climate change and spreading planet positivity. Climate change can be an overwhelming, layered, and frankly depressing topic. Navigating brands that say “sustainably sourced” can come with caveats. BETTER Climate Store sells sustainably made, responsibly sourced, locally-produced products with a cheeky take on a complex issue. BETTER founders are award-winning creative directors leveraging their decades of design experience to combat climate change through art, humor, and technology.

Products like Greenwash, a soap that “washes away climate guilt,” and a candle called Memories of Clean Air that inspires awareness about the raging wildfire smoke and microparticles we breathe every day. BETTER brings a lightness and irreverence to a serious issue.

The most transformative component of BETTER’s work is that proceeds from the store funnel to the BETTER Climate Fund, a decentralized, community-governed endowment that finances climate mitigation projects.

Images via: Better Climate Store

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