Seeing the Light

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the happiest hour(s)

A while back while sharing a bottle of wine with a friend at ‘happy hour’ I placed my almost empty glass of wine down in just the perfect place at just the perfect time: the ‘golden hour’ as it is often called by photographers. What you see is pure light hitting what wine remains, casting the warmest Syrah glow in my glass. Planets aligned. Ahhh…. Writing this gives me goose bumps. There may as well been an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in my glass, it was that special.

It took me a few years and a photography class to learn and see light this way when I’m on set with my food. A valuable lesson and spiritual epiphany I always cherish.

Now, I will always search for and place food in available light, no matter how little. Or I will move the food around until I hear the photographer gasp with delight as they most always do when that sweet spot is found. It’s the most beautiful thing I experience as a food stylist. Hands down.

I will forever chase the happy hour experience, optimistic the planets will realign. Hopefully with good bottles of wine and great friends present.