Top Five Food Artists To Follow On Instagram

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There’s no denying that animals do a lot of things right, and if I’m honest, hibernating doesn’t sound all that bad. 

Think about it: minimal activity, a slowing of the heart rate, and staying cocooned are things I usually partake in during the winter, but doing it for a purpose, for the greater good of my species? That’s something I can get behind. 

But while going into complete hibernation is, unfortunately, out of the question, consuming more food is not. November, as long as Thanksgiving exists, is the month of pure gluttony and gorging yourself. The magic of snacks, desserts, side dishes galore is an influx I can utterly stand behind. 

And because life and art often imitate one another, this week’s top five artists are artists who create for, with, and about food. Below you’ll find the top five food artists you need to follow on Instagram, and besides inspiring you in an artistic sense, they will surely inspire you to consume all the loveliest tasting treats this season.

Beth Galton Studio | @bethgaltonstudio

I didn’t realize that food could be visually rich and luxurious until I discovered Beth Galton Studio’s Instagram account. Beth Galton is a food and still life photographer based in New York City. Not only are her images on her feed filled with romanticism, divine details, and mouth-watering moments from meals past, but her resume is one to fawn over. Having worked with brands including Chipotle, Orea, Publix, RITZ Crackers, Olive Garden, and many, many more, Beth is a beyond well-respected food artist. Whether you’re interested in food artistry, food styling, food photography, or just plain ‘ole food, definitely check out this account.


Some people say food is art, but Jen Monroe proves it through her wildly divine, drool-worthy food designs. Based in Brooklyn, Jen is a chef and artist, and Bad Taste is a project that explores new ways of considering food and consumption. Jen’s account truly makes you discover food’s purpose and power, from heavenly monochromatic cheese boards made for Converse and mushroom-inspired treats dedicated to a fungi-inspired party to futuristic menus in response to climate change.

MOLD | @thisismold

The thing about food is that it’s filled with textures, patterns, colors, and shapes that are downright inspiring and motivational. Mold is a publication dedicated to designing the future of food. The entire Instagram account is dedicated to artistically rethinking food through graphic, creative, and compelling images. A few of my favorite photos on the feed include a woman wearing a shirt made from lettuce, a still life image featuring solidified canned foods, and an oyster in the shape of an ear. These images play with food to the point where you quickly forget food is the main subject; it’s fascinating truly.

Tasteofstreep | @tasteofstreep

Meryl Streep is one of the most beloved actresses, known and adored for her versatility and passionately spot-on accents. And while she’s known for appearances in The Devil Wears Prada, Julie and Julia, Mama Mia, and The Iron Lady, among other films, she’s also known for her appearances in the Instagram account @tasteofstreep. Combining art, food, and Meryl Streep, this account is nothing short of beautifully charming. Think Meryl Streep adorned in a yellow dress dramatically rising from a sumptuous yellow cake. Creative, witty, and captivating are just a few of the words that describe this feed.

Hebe Konditori | @hebe_konditori

In 2017, Sarah Hardy, a master of sculpture, started Hebe Konditori to apply her sculpting skills to the art of cake. Since its creation, Sarah has worked with well-known bakeries and brands to create both artistic cakes and menus featured thoroughly through her Instagram account. So not only will you find insanely sculpted and immaculately decorated cakes on her feed, you’ll also discover rich color palettes and bold patterns.