Top Five Food Photographers To Follow On Instagram

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Top Five Food Photographers To Follow On Instagram

I’m going to apologize in advance if you’re reading this Top Five any time before your next meal, or, for that matter, after your last meal, because it’ll undoubtedly make you realize how bland and boring the last food you ate honestly was. This collection will leave you drooling for the most scrumptious, well frosted, colorful, and charming fruit adorned sweet cakes and egg-topped, cheesy dripping bacon ornamented breakfast sandwiches.

These food photographers share their daily scenes via their Instagram feeds, leaving us with images I wish I could devour. Not only do they feature gorgeous foods, but the lighting, framing, color tones, and tablescapes are all beyond imaginative.

So, scroll on, but warning, proceed with caution and maybe a recently satiated stomach.

Jack Strutz | @strutz

Jack Strutz began taking photos because his mother thought it would be something he’d be skilled at. Clearly, a mother knows best.

Jack now resides in Los Angeles, and his work focuses mainly on products, still-life, and food. He’s worked with countless clients, including De La Calle, Winc, and The Dieline. On his Instagram feed, you’ll find bounds of bright colors and images that reel you in with their quirky lighting and compelling perspectives. One of my favorite pictures of his features a fluorescent green jello mold; need I say more?

Leslie Grow | @lesliegrow

Feast your eyes on Leslie Grow’s feed and thank me later. I started scrolling and then looked up forty-five minutes later to realize that I had scrolled into oblivion. She’s a food and still life photographer living in Los Angeles and has work that features bright, vibrant, and minimalistic details. Her pieces often feature innovative angles and dramatic lighting, and her feed is beyond captivating and truly brings food to life in a way that makes me boil over with creative happiness. Like, yeah, I always knew what a peanut looked like, but never have I ever really stopped to stare at the deliciously beguiling details. Phenomenal.

Aimee Twigger | @twiggstudios

If The Secret Garden were a person and happened to have a food photography Instagram account, Aimee Twigger’s feed would be just that. Not only does Aimee photograph all the food on her account, but she styles it as well. The colors found throughout the perfect squares are dark and mysterious yet perfectly full of life and deep emotions. Each photo has light seeping onto the food and highlighting magical bites, and now I seem to have an intense and insatiable craving for hot crossed buns.

Alex Lau | @yungbludlau

Alex Lau started his photography career by capturing sports images for his high school paper. Eventually, his hobby faded when he sold all his camera equipment so he could go to Europe. Lau got back into the photography world after starting an internship for Bon Appétit, amazingly enough, without ever delving into food photography before. From there, his career took off, and he fell in love with the art of it. Alex ended up working full time for Bon Appétit, but now freelances for cookbooks and brands such as Good Drinks by Julia Vernon Bainbridge, and he shot a campaign for Tsingtao that helps highlight Asian chefs and community leaders that have been giving back in the time of COVID. His photographs are detail-oriented with gorgeous lighting and highly focused on different angles.

Magali Polverino | @magalipolverino

The first thing you think of when it comes to food photography might not be pop art, but Magali Polverino’s feed will surely change your mind. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she has a passion for lighting and colors, and her feed reflects those loves through its bright hues, appealing shapes, and food-made patterns galore. She’s an artist changing food from something you consume through your mouth to something you can devour with your eyes. Each image takes you down a whimsical and charming path, and I can guarantee it’ll leave your sweet tooth craving something delicious.