Top Five Meditative Instagram Accounts Of The Week

Posted inPhotography and Design

This week’s collection of Instagram accounts highlights the importance of raw, simple moments. Each has something unique to share, from an account dedicated to destigmatizing mental wellness to a photographer’s account that captures quiet moments. While social media, specifically Instagram, has many negative qualities, there are corners of the app that have the ability to ground and bring calmness. Today, we’re sharing five beautifully individual accounts that share the same sense of tranquility.

Anna Fusco | @lordcowboy

One glance at Anna Fusco’s Instagram account brings her vibrantly grounded personality to life. The work by this multidisciplinary artist is highly emotional, engaging, and full of wit. My favorites include journal-inspired pieces that feel almost too special to share, featuring phrases such as “invite me to your dinner party” in her lovely, eclectic handwriting. The artist often shares profound personal insights on her stories, including, “Making something isn’t about convincing or tricking somebody else into wanting it. I focus on making what I want and care about; sometimes it resonates with others, many times it doesn’t.”

Maisie | @myfawnwy

There’s pattern design, and then there are Maisie Broome’s works. She uses color, texture, and pattern to create distinctively unique designs that explore the transformational effects of nature. In fact, her marbling designs are so magical that I was mesmerized when I watched a video on her feed of how she did the work. Broome’s account is dynamic, hypnotic, imaginative, and, quite honestly, intriguing. There’s no doubt you’ll be scrolling for hours with pure entertainment.

Courtney Hassmann | @courtneyhassmann

Having worked in the ceramics world since 2014, Courtney Hassmann knows more than a thing or two. Yet, there’s something perfectly imperfect about Hassmann’s works. While they feel thoroughly refined, they also feel admiringly unpretentious. As much as a unique piece of art, each mug tells its own story. Working through emotions via illustrations, colors, textures, and gorgeous details, these utilitarian objects are functional for a morning coffee cup while bringing a sense of insightful, reflective wisdom with each sip.

Willem Verbeeck | @willemverb

Willem Verbeeck is a photographer from LA, and with over a quarter-million followers on Instagram, he’s making a name for himself in the industry. His images, often full of still, quiet moments, are stunning. So often, Verbeeck’s shots on his feed showcase gorgeous colors of moments sans human subject matters. In fact, the images feel almost ghostly, highlighting mysterious moments that feel somewhat like they shouldn’t be viewed. I also think the highlights are essential to his account, showcasing behind-the-scenes and personal moments that make his images that much more engaging.

Sad Girls Club | @sadgirlsclub

In a world where social media can be so negative, finding an account dedicated to destigmatizing mental wellness felt refreshing. Sad Girls Club is a nonprofit organization with an Instagram account dedicated to millennial and Gen Z women, girls, and femmes of color. The account not only shares helpful tips and tricks regarding mental health but the design and execution of the account are stunning. The posts are as engaging as they are paramount via a mix of typographic styles, gorgeous examples of gradients, and bright colors.