5 Package Designs of the Week

When it comes to the world of packaging, no one covers it more comprehensively than Dieline—so we’ve partnered with our friends at the site on a new column, 5 Package Designs of the Week.

Check in every Friday for five of the finest pieces of pack from the week that was.


Finn gives man’s best friend a little extra love. This new pet wellness brand offers products that calm dogs down or keep their coat nice and shiny, and you can mix and match based on your pup’s specific needs. But these aren’t your typical doggy treats packaged in a flimsy plastic pouch—Finn comes in recyclable and reusable matte finish tins, which up the game in the world of pet product design.”

—Theresa Christine Johnson

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Fellow Creatures

“Fellow Creatures is a funky, carefree chocolate brand that utilizes a fun sticker system to leap off the package and into your subconscious.”

—Shawn Binder

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Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows

“Cereal maker General Mills decided to abandon all pretense and is releasing a limited-edition version of Lucky Charms called Just Magical Marshmallows, the first all-marshmallow offering from the brand. … UK-based creative agency LOVE was enlisted to create a new and unique experience through the packaging that was unlike conventional cereal boxes. LOVE leveraged the familiar iconography, visual assets, the brand’s familiarity, and loyal fanbase to tether Just Magical Marshmallows conceptually to breakfast cereal while letting out enough slack to position the product as a snack consumed beyond the morning.

—Rudy Sanchez

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“Waterbody’s branding is soothing, natural and sleek. We’re digging the abstract elements inspired by the Alaskan wilderness, which utilize a color palette that conjures images of the earth, sea and sky. The copper serif font is authoritative and lets the consumer know they’ve just indulged in a brand that cares about the ingredients in their product and the wellness of their audience.”

—Shawn Binder

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Stella Artois Noire

“The dark side of Stella Artois has never looked better. The rich blue for this noir-inspired beer couples perfectly with the bold 1920s-style font utilized.”

—Shawn Binder

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