Canvas Prints and Photography: Getting Crafty in Quarantine

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Anyone who’s been spending time in quarantine knows all about the challenges that come with it. But there can be an upside: Isolation can open up our horizons if we use it to focus our creative energies.

If you’re tired of binging movies and TV shows, you can use your involuntary downtime to hone your photography skills and capture a record of the moment. Or you could browse through your old pictures and look back on the good times while looking forward to future ones—and think about creative ways to display those most precious memories in your home.

When you want to print your best photos in physical form, canvas prints are the perfect medium. The photo printing experts from are here to tell us more.

Find Inspiration Right Where You Are

If you’ve got a passion for photography that’s been lying dormant, now’s your chance to get your enthusiasm back. Sure, you might not be shooting any crowded events for a while. But spending your days at home lets you discover rich subjects that you might otherwise have overlooked.

Train your lens on small details—the grain of wood, the texture of fabrics—or just into those forgotten corners of your home. If you can look at what’s familiar with fresh eyes, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration for your next shot.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you’re guaranteed a change of scenery every day—even as you stay in one place. Subtle variations in form and color as the seasons shift will have you jumping out of bed, ready to capture nature’s beauty.

Canvas Prints—a Creative Wall Decor Solution

If you’ve taken a new photo that you think is good enough for a gallery, canvas prints are a creative and surprisingly affordable way to set up that gallery at home—without breaking lockdown! Just upload a digital file to a respected provider like and they’ll do the rest.

Printed using HP Latex Inks on real canvas fabric that’s wrapped by hand over a spruce-wood stretcher frame, each canvas print will bring out the very best in your image. Expect head-turning color saturation and intricate detail that will make you see your photo anew.

Whether you upload one of your captures from your time in quarantine or an older family photo, you’ll be delighted with the super-quick turnaround—and with how your new canvas looks once it’s hung. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time looking at the same four walls, a new decor feature can be the perfect way to lift your mood.

If you’ve had a fresh rush of photographic inspiration, get your image turned into a beautiful canvas print now with! You can use the code “BESTCANVASPRINT15” and get 15% off all canvas prints.