Xavier Esclusa Trias’ Poster Marks 100 Years of Spanish Football Club Unió Esportiva de Vic

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Poster designs often aren’t given enough credit. They have to encapsulate themes visually, share specific pieces of information, and relate to the masses. When done well, however, the task looks simple, and Xavier Esclusa Trias‘ design for the 100th anniversary of Unió Esportiva de Vic looks like a breeze. Movement, rhythm, pride, and power are all showcased within the design, yet done so without words, and it’s interesting to note how dynamic the design is as there are different iterations in different colorways and directions; this is a poster done well.  

The commission was to do a poster about the century anniversary of Unió Esportiva de Vic, but we wanted to go further, we saw the opportunity to create an identity. People were asked to give us a word to describe what the team meant to them so we could represent these important values:

Ball movement, history, 100 years, captain’s armband, colors, force, path, power, movement, flag, supporters, team, equipment, feeling, dream, difference, ambition, effort, eternal, infinite, competition, glory, triumph, dream, values, people, pride, dedication,  capital and future.
Unió Esportiva de Vic is the conjunction of all what they mentioned but most importantly it is infinite and eternal as the ball’s spin, or as the representation of the people that were and will be part of it. The captain’s armband as a non-ending ribbon, forming a subtle 100 wants to be the representation of all this concepts.

We created a dynamic image that allows us to apply it to all kinds of formats, going from audio- visuals to the team’s equipment, always aiming the creation of an atemporal corporative identity.

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Xavier Esclusa Trias