Why Should YOU Enter?

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Do you and your work need a boost? Do you want to get your design in front of a massive audience of potential clients and partners?

Each year we poll professional designers to find out why they enter the PRINT Awards, and the answers are pretty consistent:

  • To get recognition for hard-earned projects (and maybe a promotion).

  • To get discovered for their next gig.

  • To shine an international spotlight on their work with the design community at large.

  • To show communities and clients what their agency or studio is made of.

As for why tomorrow’s designers enter our Student category:

  • To start their careers off right with international recognition.

  • To add weight to their résumés.

  • To show the caliber of design at the institution they attend.

  • To land internships.

  • To land first jobs.

PRINT has been around since 1940, and has long been one of the most well-respected design media brands in the world. Each year, thousands of art directors, studios and creative professionals not only enter PRINT’s annual competition, but refer to it to find top talent and to identify industry trends.

Posted inThe PRINT Awards